Three Times To Consider Hiring Home Addition Builders

It is often estimated that most consumers outgrow their new homes within just five years. New babies are born, older children move back in, or elderly family members join the group to age-in-place. Working with home addition builders is a great way to extend the viability of your current property. When you hire Miobi Total Home Services, you can add value to the house you own right now, and you can avoid the stress and hassle of selling, and shopping for a new residence all over again.

You definitely want to call an addition contractor in Oakland NJ if you’ve had major changes in your family dynamics and haven’t got enough space. Rather than having residents double up on rooms, simply add a new one on. This will increase your available square footage, increase the rate at which your investment appreciates, and greatly enhance the marketability of your abode.

Contacting a design-build contractor near me is also a great idea if you’ve decided to work from home. We can help you get an attractive and highly functional home office. Not only will this be the perfect place for focusing on what you do, but it can even serve as an impressive meet-up location when you want to entertain clients or host other business affairs. Our add-ons are also great as entertainment rooms, workout rooms, and more.

If you are looking to generate revenue from your primary residence, an in-law unit might be the best way to go. Consider adding a connected or freestanding structure that has its own locking entrance. This will give you more disposable income without encroaching upon your personal space.

Our team can assist with all aspects of these projects. We’ll handle the planning, permitting, construction, cleanup, and more. In fact, we can even assist you in refining your design ideas and bringing your visions to life.