Three Ways Oakland NJ Bathroom Remodelers Can Make Your Home More Livable

Bathrooms are among the first rooms that prospective buyers visit when touring homes, and there’s good reason why. People are all-but guaranteed to spend time in these spaces each day. Bathrooms should be functional, accommodating, and aesthetically beautiful. As a top-rated design-build contractor Miobi Total Homes is sharing three ways in which top-rated Oakland NJ bathroom remodelers can make your home more livable.

You can work with a trusted bathroom renovation contractor to create a space that perfectly suits the needs of those with declining mobility. Bathroom renovations for aging adults can include the installation of walk-in tubs, glass shower enclosures, wet rooms, grab bars, and many other assistive elements. If your aging parents have just moved in, customizing their bathroom will make everyone’s life easier. It can also prevent dangerous slip and fall events and other common bathroom injuries.

It may be that your bathroom simply isn’t large enough to enjoy. If you can see into your toilet when sitting in your tub, your baths might not be as relaxing as they could be. When can help you choose the right fixtures for your space, totally revamp your bathroom’s layout, and use strategies that capitalize on the available, vertical area.

Given that bathrooms are a top point of interest for prospective buyers, you should work with a bathroom renovation contractor to improve these spaces before selling. We can help you boost the marketability and value of your entire home by modernizing these high-use spaces and incorporating many of the latest and most in-demand featurs and amenities.

For pre-sale purposes, we can also make sure that your bathroom fixtures and supporting plumbing are perfectly up to code. Make slight modifications where needed will make it easier to both attract savvy shoppers and pass lender-required inspections. To find out more or schedule an appointment, contact Miobi Total Homes today.