Residential Addition Contractor In Oakland NJ Adds Value

Adding an extra room to your home doesn’t necessarily have to increase your home’s value. Your comfort and your needs should be your primary goal. However, adding value to your house should be a secondary consideration. Increasing the square footage of your building is a sure bet to boost its value. Our residential addition contractor in Oakland NJ can make the following extensions to your property.


If you have a small, inefficient kitchen, it can affect the value of your residence. Let us change this for you by increasing your cooking space. We can create large, open and updated spaces. This will automatically lead to the worth of your property going up. Expanding your kitchen will make it easier for you to cook, gather your family and friends together and create beautiful memories.

Apart from the financial return, you will get an emotional return. You will get the joy of utilizing the added space.

Expand Outdoors

If you are planning on selling within a short time, improve the curb appeal of your residence. Our home addition builder can add a professionally built wooden deck. This will create an inviting outdoor ambience that is low maintenance.

Extra Bathroom

One of the most thoughtful add-ons is a bathroom. It is a great return on your investment as it will see the cost of your home shoot up. If you have fewer bathrooms, especially compared to other houses in your neighborhood, it is time to add one. You should have a favorable ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms.


basement finishing and conversion can pay off. Make the space more habitable by creating a comfortable living space. You can turn the room into usable space. For instance, you can add an extra bedroom. You can also convert it into office space to make it easier to work from home.

Contact us to stand a good chance of increasing your home’s value.