Lorrimer Sanctuary in Franklin Lakes, NJ: A Picturesque Place

Lorrimer Sanctuary in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey is a beautiful location for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and embrace nature. It is a stunning wildlife sanctuary and park with a variety of scenic trails, awe-inspiring meadows and woodlands, and breathtaking landscapes. From family picnics to strolls in nature and birdwatching, Lorrimer Sanctuary in Franklin Lakes, NJ offers a serene and picturesque place to relax and explore. Information can be found here.

At just 500 acres, Lorrimer Sanctuary is a relatively small park, but it is packed with plenty of beauty to admire. This quiet and tranquil sanctuary is located in the heart of Franklin Lakes, and is renowned for its beauty and diverse wildlife. The sanctuary is situated along the Ramapo River, and is bordered by wide meadows and woods to the north and east. On the western side, visitors will find a network of rolling hills and hillsides, creating the perfect backdrop for hikes and picnics. To the south is the sprawling Ramapo River, adding another layer of natural beauty to the sanctuary. The main attractions of Lorrimer Sanctuary include two miles of marked trails along with a variety of wildlife. From woodpeckers and blue jays to hawks and great blue herons, the skies above the sanctuary is a haven for birdwatching. The ground is equally as diverse, with deer, raccoons, and rabbits making their home in and around the sanctuary. There are also a variety of ponds, lakes and wetlands around the sanctuary, making it the perfect place for nature walks and picnics. Discover facts about The Beauty of Great Oak Park in Oakland, NJ.