Are You Searching for a Residential Remodeling Contractor Near Oakland?

Residential Remodeling Contractors

Deciding to update or expand your home is a big decision, we know that. You are entrusting your property to a team of people, hoping that they build with integrity and care. Our team does just that. We live and work in New Jersey, so we know all of the special considerations about our state and how to build for the lives we lead here.

At every step of the process, we aim to keep you in the driver’s seat. Our goal is to help you build your dream home and spaces for your family to live in. No one knows your home and family better than you do, so you get complete control. We can make suggestions and help to guide you, but you remain in control.

Our Team

At Miobi Total Home Services, our team is comprised of lifelong New Jersey residents who own and operate our business. When you talk to our team, you are talking to the best of the best. We hold multiple factory certifications from many companies in the construction industry. Our focus is to work with our clients to understand their needs and recommend ideas based on past projects and from our team’s many years of experience. Even if you think your project is too complicated, we have probably worked on something similar.

Our goal is to always exceed expectations and build a beautiful home for our clients, whether we are adding completely new spaces or just updating existing areas of your home. We treat your home with respect and compassion, helping you to overcome any issues that you may have and getting exactly what you need. Contact us today for more information about our work and what we do.